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3 Ways To Feel Good Enough in the Fitness Industry

3 Ways To Feel Good Enough in the Fitness Industry

3 Ways To Feel Good Enough in the Fitness Industry

Stop comparing yourself to others

This may seem like a silly task but once you think about it, we’re constantly looking at other people via social media. Therefore, we’re staring at these bodies that have been in the game for years or already had a background in fitness, such as sports. Nothing against these gifted beings, they’re just more ahead of the game than someone who’s only begun grinding.

Something that no one likes to admit is that photos can be easily manipulated. According to The Guardian, the Facetune app has been downloaded over twenty million times. Even if only half of the users that downloaded the app kept it there would still be a substantial amount of users that edit the crap out of their photos to keep up the image of perfection. That’s not to say that every buff Instahottie is using apps, but the proof is in the pudding. On the other hand, there are other ways to appear super fit. Be it working out hard right before a photo or flexing, or even something as simple as lighting and stance. Remember not everything is as it seems.

Realize that your starting point is different from everyone else’s

Everyone has a different endgame for their health and fitness goals. Some people want to bulk up while others want to lose weight or tone. With that in mind, realize that putting the pressure to match what someone else looks like on yourself is unrealistic. Quite frankly, it’s insane. I’ve got thunder thighs. I may never have perfectly toned thighs that I’ve dreamed about. That should be okay. To constantly berate myself for not having that personal trainer’s body I just followed is ludacris. I just might have something close to it if I worked out that hard and ate only chicken, broccoli, and rice all day every day. That’s what these fitness stars are doing. Very strict diets and gym routines. If that excites you, then, by all means, go get it. If it doesn’t, then you need to look at where you are and be okay with it. Your choice.

Accept your body for where it is in the present

For me, the hardest part about having confidence is accepting my body how it is in its current state. Does that sound harsh to you or dramatic? If you think it sounds ridiculously impossible then chances are that you’ve bogged down your brain for far too long with body self-hating mantras. It’s quite easy to do. You may not even have realized you were doing it all this time. I hate my legs. I’ll just try not to eat for a while and only exercise. Those shorts are super cute but I can’t show my legs in public, someone will think they’re gross. All are thoughts I’ve had for many years. The trick to breaking this cycle is stomping on those thoughts when you have them or they’ll keep coming back like ants in the summer. Riddle me this. Wouldn’t it be much more enjoyable to lead our lives like it’s our only life? Don’t you think when you’re eighty and wrinkly that you’re going to regret not wearing that racer back on a hot day or that bikini to the beach?

Truth bomb: I’m still very much struggling with this. For so long, my entire body was my insecurity. Do you know how hard it is to merely accept yourself if you have an issue with simple things like your hands or feet? No one is without faults or imperfections. But if you have to fake it til you make it, no one knows you focus on these faults unless you tell them. One way to say fuck you to your insecurity is to wear whatever you want to wear in a non threatening situation.

For example, I took out the trash a few months ago in shorts. The trash compactor for my apartment is a little ways down the streets, far enough that I’ll be seen for a few minutes with nothing blocking me. This challenge was important because since my toddler and pre-adolescent years I haven’t worn shorts but one time out in public (I remember that experience very clearly and how awful it felt). I haven’t worn shorts in public since then(It’s also cold af), but I’m challenging myself to this summer. This is one of my reasons for wanting to move to Arizona, which I’ll make a separate post about. If all of this seems undoable for you then I suggest you reach out to someone. Be it me, a close friend, a parent/guardian, or even a therapist. There’s no shame in needing to talk your problems out. Just remember that if you vent to your friends or family that they are biased and aren’t professionally trained to give advice or suggest medication or methods that could help you through other issues that are potentially going on. Eat a donut.

Live your life, sweets

Pro Tip: Don’t let your insecurities get in the way of your happiness.

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