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4 Changes To Reroute Your Life

Do you ever feel complacent? Do you ever feel stagnant? Yeah. Cool. Then you’ll relate to this post. For the past few years, I’ve felt stuck in my life, like I wasn’t going down any paths that diverted from the one I was on. Sure, we all grow and change. Our day to day isn’t always exactly the same, but after a while, you start to feel like you’re only going through the motions instead of actually living. Feeling this mental loop draining you is completely valid. I’ve always wanted more, which makes me believe that a lot of you out there do too.

It’s human to thrive, to gather more value, and to feel indispensable. I work in the service and hospitality industry (a bar and hotel). I like both jobs about sixty percent of the time but the other forty percent is spent wanting to slap everyone and their mom. What it boils down to is a lack of genuine interest in what I’m doing, who I’m entertaining as company, and what I’m giving myself. Here are a few things you need to reevaluate if you relate to this even in the slightest.


Ask yourself if it makes you happy. Does it satisfy you or leave you feeling insatiable? This should be a dead give away that you’re not delighted to start your day. If you sit at a desk from nine to five while you silently wish for someone to blow up the building, then maybe it’s time to go on a job hunt. Simply relocating to another variation of the same job won’t cut it. What’s something that you thoroughly enjoy doing in your free time? Something you don’t think you can make money off of? That thing in the back of your mind could be your game changer. All you’d have to do is research how to make a profit/living off of it. If your game changer is too niche then potentially even better. You could be the first to corner the market on your new job. However, a place, thing, or idea is only new for a day, then you get used to it like everything else. It’s really your determination to not be complacent anymore with your sucky job that opens up opportunities for you. All you have to do is let your creativity flow, my dude.


Can you see your life benefiting from staying put for the next five years? If the answer is yes, then still reconsider relocating to a more permanent residence. If the answer is no, then what meaningful connections are you going to make with an expiration date? I know for a fact that I’m moving to Arizona next year, but I don’t have a specific date in mind just yet. Baring that in mind, I don’t expect potential romantic or work relationships to move with me. That’s not to say that I’m cutting ties with all the people already in my life or that come in before the move. I just don’t expect those ties to grow stronger with over two thousand miles between us. Knowing that I’m going to move, I don’t put in any extra effort for the jobs I have now only because I don’t plan on being there for much longer. Sure, I could try my hardest until I move but I don’t want to. Simply put, I can’t muster up the energy to give either job my all. Not when my mind and spirit are being pulled in many other directions as far as moving and other business ventures.


Could a simple hobby justify having to move across the country for a transition in your life? What’s something you’ve wanted to do for a while? What’s something you’re too afraid to do? Something you didn’t have enough money to do? A solo trip perhaps? Maybe you’ve wanted to travel to the south of France but you’re like Naomi and just don’t have money? Well, there’s a little thing called the internet. You can literally get a cheap flight or another means of transportation if you have the time.

I’m in the process of learning Hangul (Korean). Just by learning this language I want to know more about the culture apart from the Kdramas I watch. At some point, I plan to visit South Korea to immerse myself in their culture and normal life. Something as simple as learning a language can transform your whole outlook on life and reroute you into paths you never thought possible. Do something that’s not boring, something that’ll give you a headrush and almost immediately regret after. That’s the thing about regret, you can have it if you’ve done something or if you haven’t done something. The amount of regret you have is completely up to you. Taking chances aren’t easy, especially if you’re a creature of habit like I am. You also have to realize that those that don’t take chances won’t get half as far as those that go full speed off the cliff of life.

Scare Factor

Are you looking to really shake up your day/life? Try something that scares the shit out of you. Be it telling the person that makes you smile like an idiot that you like them or taking a plunge to move to your dream location. Or coloring your hair, cutting it, or styling it differently. Maybe it’s riding a motorcycle. Telling that bully to shove it. Perhaps breaking free from toxic family or relationships. You’re the driver of your destination. Where do you want to end up?

The one thing that all of these changes have in common is that you have to do something. It’s as simple as that. You can either stay put and complain about your situation to others that most likely do the same or... You can make improvements in your life that you can say at least you tried. Even if you failed, you tried. One quotation that stuck with me through my Teen Wolf days was from Samuel Beckett, “Try again. Fail again. Fail better.” So if you fail, fail again. And again until you get to where you want to get.

Eat a donut and life your life, sweets.

Pro Tip: It’s okay that your path deviates from your original destination. If it doesn’t make you happy anymore then take another detour.

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