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5 Crystals That Could Elevate Your Life

5 Crystals That Could Elevate Your Life

Crystals are powerful things that a lot of people take for granite. Get it? Moving on. Crystals are these beautiful formations that have abilities that most overlook. Like witchcraft, crystals (and herbs) are seen as this unholy form of practice. As someone that’s been loosely religious in my adolescence and young adulthood, I can argue that using a crystal to heal your body or problems is no crazier than using prayer. Make no mistake, I’m not knocking prayer.

I believe if you put something out there over and over then naturally something will happen if you’re open to it. Crystals just happen to be something tangible. You can hold them or wear them or simply have them around you. Even if you don’t believe in the power they possess, you can still feel the multitude of energies that surround you. It’s simple Science. There’s energy in everything, the chair you’re sitting in or the book you’re holding. There’s enormous amounts of energy in the Earth, which is where crystals originate. If you’re like me and you wish to constantly facelift your life, check out these five crystals.

Just kidding, let me briefly explain what a chakra is. Every human has several chakras, meaning several points of energy in the body. Each chakra has its own designated color and abilities. For example, the crown chakra is the top of your head while the root chakra is around tailbone/ass region. Now, crystal time.


Amethyst is a semiprecious gemstone as well as a common quartz crystal. Amethustos is the Greek derivative, which means “not drunk”. Basically, if you’re not trying to get lit, wear this crystal. It also aids in insomnia if your ass can’t catch some zzz’s. If you want to be like “That’s So Raven” and strengthen your psychic capabilites, amethyst is for you. Amethyst is a lavender purple shade. The best chakra is your third eye/crown. You place it around your neck and wear earrings, or to have it on your person in general. I’ve worn an amethyst necklace for about a year or so now and I get compliments on it all the time. It’s second nature to me to wear it.


Citrine typically comes in smooth stones or clusters. It can be easily created so make sure it’s a translucent golden/mustard yellow. If self-esteem is an issue for you, then citrine may just be the perfect crystal to boost your spirits. It all around pushes negativity out of your aura from self-destructive patterns to changing bad juju into happy juju. For more creativity, it’s a good pick. The best chakra is the solar plexus and placing it on your person, or wearing it as a ring or bracelet is ideal.


Garnet is a crystal that could be many rich colors. Depending on what your goals are, you could choose between, orange, brown, green, gold, yellow, and red garnet. For example, yellow and gold garnet boosts self-esteem while red garnet aids in passion. An unexpected ability of garnet is that it amplifies other crystals around it. By this logic, if you put garnet with the rest of these crystals you’ll be Buddha by the end of the day. The different variations have specific chakras [Sacral (orange), Root (red), Solar plexus (gold or yellow), Heart (green)]. Again, you could have this on your person or simply holding it in your hand will do.

Rose Quartz

There is a variety of quartz to chose from. However, rose quartz is best for love. It’s always an opaque pink hue, typically in jewelry. If your ex broke your heart then rose quartz could fix you up, boo. That hope you lost for love can be reinstilled. A wave of tranquility could wash over you. That sounds pretty nice combined with a warm bath, perhaps a cup of tea. Rose quartz is meant for your heart and root chakra. You can have it in jewelry or on you.

I happen to have a wand I got from Urban Outfitters about a year ago. Whether the validity of the crystal was real from that establishment, I’m not sure. Let me tell you, every time that I’ve used it (about five or so times) when I’m going through something stressful and daunting, it’s worked. What I do is lay on my bed with the crystal on my heart chakra (between my titties) with my limbs as relaxed as I can get them, I think about that specific trouble that’s bogging me down, and I’ve consistently felt like the crystal was pulling that negative energy out of me. So much so that I’ve teared up and or sobbed. So if that’s your jam, check out rose quartz.

Black Tourmaline

Tourmaline like other gemstones and crystals can be found in an array of colors. Black tourmaline, in particular, is known for it’s spiritual and metaphysical cabalities. It’s noted that black tourmaline needs to be cleansed regularly due to the fact that it absorbs a lot of other energies. If ya girl/boy/them got anxiety then black tourmaline could clear up your acne and save your academic career. If it feels like there’s a constant darkness around you involving energy or heightened emotions I think this is a good fit. Place it on your root chakra and or have it near you while you sleep to cleanse the energy around/in you. If you can rock an amulet then why not go for it.

Bonus: Rhodochrosite is a breathtaking pink crystal with tones of black or white dusting it. I added this crystal in because it promotes all-around self-love, which is the purpose of this blog. Self-worth is surprisingly hard to come by, I’ve found in a lot of people. Not everyone will admit it, but you can tell who’s faking it versus who truly believes in themselves. Rhodochrosite seems like a cure-all because it can mend a broken heart along with deep emotional baggage as well as attract love. That sounds pretty great to me. Place on your root and heart chakra and or place in your pocket. Once you see this crystal you’ll realize why I added it to this list.

I’m a firm believer that energy attracts energy, like attracts like, and so on and so forth. Having a bad attitude when you go somewhere is going to rub off on someone, like the cashier you were rude to or the person you cut off in traffic. Once you think about it this whole energy transferring makes sense, does it? You have the ability to change your energy and manifest brighter opportunities for yourself. If you don’t believe in that then think about it this way, if you have a naturally upbeat and optimistic attitude opportunities are more likely to come your way versus if you have a grumpy cat aura around you.

Eat a donut and live your life, sweets.

Pro Tip: Don’t let others disrupt the flow of your bright energy. They can keep that shit over there.

For more information check out my source “Crystals For Healing: The complete reference guide” by Karen Frazier

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