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Reasons I'm Moving To Arizona

Reasons I’m Moving To Arizona

Fresh Start

Everyone likes the idea of a fresh start. It’s new. Exciting. Innovative. You can be whoever you want to be. You can ideally do whatever you want to do. You can mold a pretty lie about yourself. For me, Arizona represents this lifestyle that I want to represent. Sunkissed, hiker, blogger, independent, transient, business. Freedom. I’ve for a long time, maybe most of my young adult life, have felt stuck and stagnant. Stale even. I don’t believe I’ve reached a quarter of my potential. There a few business things that I want to pursue at some point that if I had started and had taken off in Charlottesville then I’d have to stay here to see them through.

When I was looking for another apartment in the summer time for when my lease is up in March (I worry and think ahead clearly) it hit me that if I moved into this okay apartment for another year what would I be doing? There was nothing keeping me here besides friends and family. Thanks to social media and phone I’d be able to keep in contact no problem with these loved ones. So what was really keeping me in this slightly progressive and liberal southern town? That’s when Arizona popped into my mind. I thought of the many times I’d tried to go out there and how things had always gotten in the way. I thought of how the lift I want to lead could easily fit there. I thought of how I wanted to go to ASU when I was in high school but couldn’t afford out of state tuition, or how when I came back from college I wanted to get my license to take a road trip out there to see the Grande Canyon, or when my gals and I were going to go to Arizona for my birthday last year and no one could afford it when it came down to it.

That moment I sat at my laptop at my bar job looking through apartments, it clicked. All I had to do was research, making sure my finances were in order, and just go.

By myself/On my own

As a twenty-four year old, I don’t feel like an adult. Sure I have two jobs, I pay my own bills in my apartment with my roommate, but I don’t feel like an adult. The charm of Arizona was that I was going alone. Ironically, I get so lonely sometimes it’s suffocating, but the idea of making it on my own appealed to me. I’m very much a procrastinator and not a do-er. My biggest draw of the move is that I’m very introverted (not socially awkward) and I feel like my life is passing me by in my bedroom, that I’m not living fully. Korean has helped me get out of that but I know that if I’m truly on my own then I’ll go out of my way to make friends and meet new people. Everyone is going to be new because I know no one out there. That’s the fresh start appeal.


I’ve gotten into hiking in the last few years. Nothing major. In fact, I wouldn’t dream of calling myself a hiker. But I do own a pair of hiking shoes, so there’s that. I’ve been on a total of three hikes in five years. The first one was more of a trail than a hike, the second was on the Shenandoah National Park Trail, and the last was also on the Park but it was by far the most challenging of the three. Old Rag. I shudder thinking about it, but I also smile because I made it all the way to the top. That bitch was about 9 mi. We climbed up rocks, which I’d never done. It was horrible and amazing at the same time. Everyone knows once you reach the top it’s the biggest payoff. Being outdoors is a natural stimulant and it makes you feel good. You rap that up in the fact that there’s energy in the Earth, that’s one of the biggest reasons Arizona is my destination. I’ve always gone through a lot mentally and I’ve always been in my head about things, going to a place where I know there’s good energy is a big draw. The hiking. The crystals. The turquoise. The silver. The Sun. When it comes down to it, I’m so over charlottesville. It’s natural to want to flee the coup of your hometown.

Warm weather/Chance to wear short clothes

Being in a climate where I’m forced to eventually assimilate and wear shorter clothes is a secondary reason for me. I want to be outside of my comfort zone eventually. I want to be able to wear those shorts on a long hike where people can see me. Or that flowy dress that makes me feel good. I could do this anywhere essentially, but being that Arizona is freaking dessert...It would basically force me to do it whether I’m ready or not.


My reason for wanting to start my own business is due to the fact that I don’t want to work for someone else the rest of my life. I’ve worked in the service and hospitality industry long enough to realize that the only free people are at the top. I want to be happy with what I’m doing. I want to feel successful. I want to feel like I’ve impacted people’s lives. Phoenix is a business hub. If I work hard, the possibilites are endless in Arizona.


I started this blog initially to “become an influencer” lol. Not in the sense that I think I’d have sway over what people buy or do, but how they think. I wanted to be motivational and real. Someone somewhere has to relate to me and if I help even one person throughout this journey then I’ll be glad I documented it. Also, I want to get to the point that I can travel blog. Maybe only a few months out of the year because I want to have roots somewhere at some point, but I do want to experience the world. Being me, I don’t feel inclined to travel around Virginia to blog or even to just take pictures. There’s nothing appealing to me here at this moment. Maybe someone. It’s very much just a maybe.

The checkpoint in my destination: My roommate brought the idea of us moving there together. Initially, I was super enthusiastic about it. I was dead set on it because I want to be there sooner rather than later. We’d be able to get a nice apartment and split utilities. Hell yeah. I’d know someone down there. I’d have a hiking buddy because he very much likes to hike. It was perfect. Then as the hours ticked by doubt settled in. My biggest worry is that I have no money save whatsoever. My plan for moving consisted of moving back into my grandmother’s in March and staying until August through October to save money. I was going to work my ass off and get as close to over time as possible at both jobs. I needed that hustle, I was excited about getting into that swing again (the first time was when I saved for our apartment now). Not only would I only have about six weeks to say my goodbyes instead of about seven months, I wouldn’t be going on my own terms. That’s what Arizona really meant to me. Being on my own, going on my own, living life out there on my own. It’s not a bad thing to rush the move and be with someone I know, but it wasn’t what I wanted. I’m very much a “it has to go to according to the plan I have in my head” kind of person. While I know that isn’t necessarily a great aspect, it’s how I am at the moment. I don’t want to follow someone else’s footsteps down there. It was supposed to be my thing and my thing only.

I want to take this chance and go, but I’m very aware of how it’ll shape how I view Arizona. These two paths are very divergent. It’s not something I’m taking lightly, it’s an at least a week’s worth of thought. If I decide to go then I’ll land on my feet I’m sure. If I decide to stay until I’m more financially stable and prepared then I know I’ll land on my feet.

This post was supposed have been written in December, I couldn’t figure out why I’ve been putting it off. Maybe it was because of today. Maybe it was because I needed to remind myself of why I decided I wanted to go alone. Not everything has to go according to plan. I’m very much jealous of Brian (my roomie) in that aspect. He’s done plenty of moves with only a few hundred of pocket change, if that, and he’s landed on his feet every time. He’s a doer. He lives his life according to what he knows he’s able to do, not what he wishes he’s able to do. I hope to be like that one day. If I don’t end up going with him, I know that I’ve taken a lot away from our time together and it’ll prepare me for my next move.

One final thing I’d like to add is that I’m not a hundred percent on Arizona anymore. You’re probably like then why the fuck did I read all this? Well, I want to go so badly I’d cut off a digit to go. That doesn’t mean I won’t end up in New Mexico or Utah. Or South Korea. Or Cuba. I may go out to Arizona for only six months before I decide to depart to any of those places. However, I do know for certain that I want to consistently experience feel like I’m progressing and happy. Isn’t that all that any of us want?

Eat a donut and life your life, Sweets.

Pro Tip: When you can’t see an end in sight, take stock of what’s going on in your life. Cut out three things that don’t add anything to your happiness and add three things that you believe will bring more good vibes your way.

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