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Long Time No See...So I'm Going Reaction Videos Now

Long Time No See...So I'm Going Reaction Videos Now

Wasssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssup! I know it’s been 97 years since I uploaded. My mind’s been all over the place with moving out of my apartment, moving back into my granny’s, getting sick, and pulling a shoulder. It’s been fun.

Since I’ve started this blog I’ve struggled with what I wanted it to be. I wanted it to be motivational content for self love and overall healthy mindsets, and I hope it can still be that. However, I realized that I was pushing down my geeky fandom girl persona to be a persona for this blog. So now I’m going to going to bring that bitch back by doing reaction videos to KPop. For most westerns that haven’t listened to KPop they won’t know what to expect, but I can attest that it’s quite interesting - And maybe better than American music - there I said it! That’s just my bias.

I did order a cheapo camcorder from Amazon in order to edit and produce better quality videos. My hopes to open up people’s minds to KPop is great enough that I’m willing to run myself into the ground with editing. Keep in mind, this is all fun for me. I’m not in school right now and I have no plans of going back for at least a year, so all I have going on are things that I make myself do. A few months ago before I started the blog I was drowning in monotony. I craved a change. Now I have that in a few aspects of my life, so I hope to use my time wisely.

I’m taking these next 7-10 months (how long I’m giving myself to appropriately save for moving to Arizona) to get back into working out, to study Korean more (which really fell through the cracks until recently), to consistently post on this blog, to work on this new book I’m writing (and not focus on fanfiction), and to regularly upload reaction videos. When I wrote that Roswell: New Mexico reboot review I hoped that I would do that regularly. I’m tossing it in the air if I’ll have the ability to do reaction videos to long episodes like that, but I’m leaning more towards reviews.

Check out my 1st 5 reaction videos (try not to cringe):






Reasons I'm Moving To Arizona

Reasons I'm Moving To Arizona