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The Force Between Us chapter 1 Draft

The Force Between Us chapter 1 Draft

It’s be 84 years since I posted. I’ve been writing actually for the past four months. I moved out of my first apartment and back into my granny’s.

So this is the project I’ve been working on. I’m currently working on the second book, the first one is being edited. I hope this will reach a few people. This story came about for a multitude of reasons, but the most prominent was that I wanted to write a LGBT+ love story that was just as epic as the straight stories I’ve read all my life. Epic may be setting myself up for failure but I’ve come to really love these characters. Some of the names are working as a placeholder until better ones come to me.

Chapter 1

    As my older brother waved his last goodbye, it wasn’t until he boarded his bus off to military school, that it really dawned me that he was leaving me behind. Up until that point, I hadn’t let myself believe that he’d done what he’d done to result in our Dad shipping him off to academy in California.

    My Dad started the car and waited for me to slink into the passenger seat. I put my headphones in almost immediately to drown out the uncomfortable silence that accompanied our time together lately. Things would be different if Mom were around.

    Now it was just the two of us and I wanted to count down the days until graduation. Only two years to go before I was free. The possibilities seemed endless as I stared out at the passing buildings, Alt-J filled my eardrums.

    At some point my earphone was pulled out of my ear. I turned to the only culprit, my back straightened under his tyrannical gaze.

    “I hope you won’t end up like your brother, Jaekook.” His gaze focused on the road ahead of us.

    God forbid I get sent away because of getting caught buying drugs, psychedelics no less. As much as I didn’t want to believe my brother was doing such things, not that I really cared, I couldn’t. He wasn’t the type. Not because he was some straight laced teenager, but because he was really passionate about Lacrosse. It was his sole focus to getting out of the hell hole we called our lives. There had been plenty of days when I wanted to hang out with him but he’d been too busy practicing with his teammates. Or Yeongi, it was mostly Yeongi. It had always been Yeongi.

    For as long as I could remember, whenever there was a Lacrosse stick involved Yeongi had been there with Namjoon. They were as thick as thieves. Which is why I was shocked he hadn’t come to Namjoon’s send off. Maybe I shouldn’t have been shocked because since that night two weeks ago he hadn’t been around much.

    “Drug dealing isn’t a way to live. People think they’re big and bad with illegal products in their hands but the moment they get caught it’s all over for them. Their life is forever changed. Namjoon won’t be able to play Lacrosse in college now.”

    I held in my sigh. My hand went to trace the sea glass necklace my Mom got for me a few birthdays ago from our beach trip, but I remembered I lost it a few days ago.

    “He’s lucky I was able to get him out of that situation. That charge is still on his record forever. If he’s smart he’ll get his head on straight over the next year.”

    Yeah, he was so lucky our Veteran dad pulled some strings to keep him out of juvie to instead ship him off.

    With a week left before Junior year started, I lounged around the house in a more than moody way. Something I think my Dad only allowed because I was done Basketball camp and he could sense I missed Namjoon. I was bored out of my mind, but I didn’t want to hang out with my friends. I couldn’t bring muster up the energy for social interactions. All I could do was binge Netflix, stare out my window while I lazily tossed my basketball in the air from my desk chair, and pace by Namjoon’s bedroom door. I hadn’t found the courage to go in since he left.

    My Dad was off at work when I chose to stop in front of my brother’s door. Before I changed my mind, I pushed the door open. Everything was the same as when I leaned against his wall and watched him pack his bags on his day of leave. I didn’t want to disturb anything so I only took in his neat and tidy living space. There was no sense of personality there albeit for one Lacrosse poster taped on the back of his door. A sense of loneliness washed over me.

    In moments where I missed Mom’s presence and felt crippled by Dad’s, I’d come to this room. Luckily, we shared those moments more often than not. He’d make it a point to set aside time for me. A lot of the time Yeongi was there, but when it was just the two of us hanging out I felt like I had someone to share the grief with.

    A picture of us at the skate park the previous summer that sat on his desk caught my attention. He towered over me, but I was only fourteen. Sadly my birthday fell just before school started. I missed him intensely because this sixteenth birthday fell flat.

    I closed his door and went back to my room to plop back on my bed. I eyed his Lax stick he’d given me on his last day here. I hadn’t wanted to take it, but he gifted it to me. That piece of metal was the dearest thing to him so I felt obligated to accept it. Now it taunted me from the corner.

    A knock on my door stirred me from my evening nap. The door opened, my Dad stood in the entryway with a tight look on his face. “There’s cake downstairs.” His voice tried to be warm but it came across strained.

    That was about as much positive emotion as he’d emit.

    “Also Yeongi is here to see you.”

    I sat up. “Really?”

    He nodded before he left.

    I made my way downstairs. As promised, Yeongi stood in the middle of my kitchen, his stance was stiff as if he hadn’t grown up in this house too.

    He turned at the sound of my presence. His bleach blonde dyed hair was pushed back by a white SnapBack.. He had the sleeves of his Hawaiian shirt pushed up on his veiny forearms, his fingers donned a few rings, and his wrists were decorated in tiny bracelets. He wore his favorite pair of black ripped jeans. Most girls at our school considered him handsome for a Korean, the same thing they said about my brother and I. I wanted to tell them that he wasn’t handsome for a Korean, he was just handsome, but I didn’t have any skin in the game so I tended to keep my mouth shut.

    “Hey,” He spoke, his voice was a bit shaky.

    Questions that plagued me by his disappearing act came to mind, but all I could get out was, “Is that for me?” I gestured to gift wrapped box in his hand.

    He cut his eyes down at it, then looked back up at me. “Oh-yeah.” He held it out. “Happy Birthday, Kook.”

    I walked toward him and took it. “Thanks,” I offered a kind half grin. “You didn’t have to.”

    It wasn’t totally out of the realm of possibility that he’d get me a gift, I’ve gotten them before from him, but now things felt weird. He hadn’t been there throughout this whole mess and I didn’t realize until that moment how upset with him I’d been. By extension of Namjoon he was supposed to look after me. That’s what your brother’s best friend did. At least, that’s the impression I had in the past of Yeongi. Maybe I’d been wrong.

He cleared his throat. “Have you heard from him?”

My head shook, the same sadness from earlier washed over me.

“I miss him too.” He said quietly.    

I looked up at him with raised brows. “Do you?” I couldn’t keep the questioning tone out of my voice. “Because it doesn’t seem like it.”

He sighed as he looked away. “I know I haven’t been around, but-”

“No, you haven’t.” I cut him off. “Not even a word from you since it happened. Some friend you turned out to be for him.”

His jaw clenched at my words, his head nodded slightly. “I only came by to give you that.” He wouldn’t meet my eyes. “Which was apparently a mistake.” He headed for the door.

I went after him. “Yeongi,”

His hand paused on the door handle.

    “When you see me in the halls from now on, don’t talk to me.” My teeth grinded together from frustration at him. At the situation.

    He nodded.

    “Promise me.” I wanted to hear him say it.

    He almost turned around, but stopped himself. “Promise.” He opened the door and shut it in the same breath.

    Maybe he didn’t deserve the treatment I gave him but I grew angry at just the sight of him. Why didn’t he stop him that night? Why did my brother lie and say they hadn’t been together when I know for a fact they had been? Why had Yeongi acted like this wasn’t the worst thing to happen to the three of us?

    I looked down at the gift in my hands and like the cake I felt no emotion toward, I tossed it on the countertop of the island in the kitchen. Back on my bed, I contemplated committing crimes that would also allow me to not go to school in a few days.

Hey, so leave a comment below what you think so far. I might post a few more chapters if inclined.

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