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Warm Fuzzies: Bring The Seoul

Warm Fuzzies: Bring The Seoul

Hey yall, I just went to see the BTS: Bring The Seoul tour movie and I have lots of thoughts and feelings. 

Check out my reaction to the BTS: Bring The Seoul tour movie.

The crowd in the theater was small but you could feel BTS' presence through the screens and the emotions of ARMYs (BTS fans) in the theater. These boys spread so much positivity with their messages 'Love yourself' & 'Speak your truth' & 'Never walk alone'. It's always amazing to see their impact on the millions of fans they have globally.

It's amazing that they acknowledge their fans for the success that they've had, that they put out almost daily content for us to connect with, that they strain and over exert themselves to the point of them having to "sit out" concerts while being on stage in a chair. They push themselves to give us their all because they know that they've brought lightness to our lives in the darkest of times.

I can honestly say that I found BTS in a very deep, dark period of Depression last December. I was drowning in my personal shit and I was craving a change, something new to latch onto like a life raft. That life raft was BTS. If you know little to nothing about BTS or KPOP that may sound silly or insignifcant to you but for me as well as millions of other ARMYs, their positivity, goofyness, and light hearted demeanors really were the light in the sea of dark. And that radiated in the theater with the other 20-30 people that were there (old and young). That's why I gave the girl next to me a napkin for her tears.

Highlights of the video:


Emotional audience experience

Wanting the boys to take care of themselves more/not strain themselves when they get injured

Talking to my Uber drivers about BTS/Kpop and their reactions

Tears ensued

Warm fuzzies 

Conclusion: Learning to love yourself is universal. Wanting to be the best you can be for those that support you is universal. I’m so fortunate to have found the boys when I did, to have found the Korean culture because it shaped my life forever. I love that we have BTS (and other KPOP fans have their idols) and they have us.

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